Thursday, May 15, 2014

Whining, Dying, and Weight

I just read some of my previous blog entries...OMG! I needed someone to take the whine away from me. Good thing I came to my senses and finally heard someone say 'Last call.' No more whine for me*. Oh yeah plus, I'm really shitty in the grammar department. I give you no guarantees that my grammar will improve. Sorry.

Update: I am not dying, my world did not end, none of my major organs failed, so no need to send flowers. I did have a hysterectomy which seemed to clear everything up. And you know what? The best part is I don't have any more monthly inconveniences but I still get to enjoy the glorious cravings for french fries. It's a twofer because I HEART french fries.

Drum roll please... I am getting to the update everyone wants to know, how much do I weigh? How do I look? I weigh 162 pounds and I look fabulous. I did it. It took almost 7 years but I am a success! I will post more about that later and a picture. Everybody always wants a photo. I know this fact to be true because I lurk and search for photos on other people's weight loss blogs and when there is no update photos I am like, 'What the hell? ' I came on your blog to read about you and to SEE how you're doing. I know I am not the only one...

* I reserve the right to whine and bitch about turning 40 because at the moment I'm not happy about it. I know I will get over it. I wonder if there is actually a turning 40 phobia because if there is I totally have it.

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